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Vacancy: Teacher Training Office (TTO) – Primary – North Sumatera

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Teacher Training Officer (TTO) PRIMARY
Based: Medan, North Sumatera

Education Development Center (EDC) is one of the world’s leading nonprofit research and development firms. Established in 1958, EDC designs, delivers and evaluates innovative programs to address some of the world’s most urgent challenges in education, health, and economic opportunity. Our services include research, training, educational materials, and strategy, with activities ranging from seed projects to large-scale national and international initiatives.

The Indonesia Prioritizing Reform, Innovation, Opportunities for Reaching Indonesia’s Teachers, Administrators, and Students Project (PRIORITAS) is a 5-year project (2012-2017) funded by the United States Agency for International Development (USAID). The USAID PRIORITAS project in Indonesia focuses on capacity building and quality improvements for teacher training institutions (TTI) and pre-service teacher training providers. The USAID PRIORITAS will promote and strengthen coordination at all levels of GOI agencies and institutions. The USAID PRIORITAS will support teaching improvement at the primary and junior secondary level, especially in early grade reading (EGR), math and science. The USAID PRIORITAS will strengthen provincial, district and local training for improved school governance and management of financial and human resources, so that these resources will directly support learning outcomes and will ensure that staff development can be sustained. The USAID PRIORITAS will work to strengthen TTI capacity through programs which address the needs of curriculum and course content, training lecturers in improved pedagogy and strengthening teacher practicum courses.

The Teacher Training Officer (TTO) Primary is responsible for the implementation of activities under the project IR 1.1; More Effective in service programs. The TTO Primary will work to assist schools and madrasah to adopt best practices in whole school development, including teaching and learning, school based management and community participation. The TTO Primary will work with PRIORITAS provincial staff to select, train and support partner schools in project districts. The TTO will provide technical assistance and oversight to all primary school level training in cooperation with Whole School Development (WSD) specialists, District Coordinators and other technical staff at the provincial and district level. The TTO will also support a variety of project technical outputs which are cross cutting such as assistance with Teacher Training Institute (TTI) training activities, monitoring and evaluation, and governance and management interventions.

He/she will ensure work plan activities are completed according to national and provincial schedules and with a focus on quality outcomes.

The Teacher Training Officer reports directly to the Teacher Training Institute (TTI) Development Specialist. This position is located in: Medan, North Sumatera, Indonesia.

Under the overall direction of the Teacher Training Institute (TTI) Development Specialist, The Teacher Training Officer will undertake the following:

• Under the overall guidance of the Teacher Training Institute (TTI) Development Specialist and the head of the Provincial Office, work with other project staff, including the Whole School Development Specialist, Governance and Management Specialist and District Coordinators to develop and implement all primary school level training at the district level. This includes;
o Selecting project partner schools in collaboration with local government education offices
o Training of schools using project developed training packages for whole school development
o Overseeing mentoring and follow up visits to support the change process
o Assisting in the facilitation and implementation of dissemination training beyond PRIORITAS project schools and districts
• Provide technical input where required to develop training materials for use in school level training packages
• Provide technical assistance to National and Provincial training workshops as required
• Support Teacher Training Institute (TTI) lecturers who may be acting as facilitators for provincial and school level training to ensure successful outcomes.
• Assisting in the facilitation and implementation of dissemination training beyond PRIORITAS project schools and districts
• In collaboration with the Teacher Training Institute ( TTI) Specialist, support the training and ongoing support of selected TTI laboratory and partner schools
• Lead the implementation of training of best practice and lab schools as per work plan requirements;
• Work with TTI Development Specialists to conduct effective University Partner Meetings and Consortia Meetings when requested.
• Work with the provincial M&E and Performance Evaluation specialist in data collection, analysis, and reporting for results and indicators pertinent to TTIs;
• Assist with EDC provincial financial reporting requirements and procedures as directed by the Teacher Training Institute ( TTI) Specialist
• Collaborate with the provincial and Jakarta-based Communications teams to gather information from TTI activities for PRIORITAS communications products;
• Provide Monthly Activity Reports to Jakarta office
• Complete any other tasks as requested and/or approved by the Teaching and Learning Advisor.

• Bachelor's Degree or equivalent with minimum 4-5 years related experience, or
• Master’s degree or equivalent with 1-3 years relevant experience;
• Experience in managing educational activities, especially for teacher training;
• At least 5 years of experience working in an international organization or agency;
• Ability to manage multiple tasks while attending to details, follow through and efficiency;
• Strong interpersonal skills and ability to work under pressure;
• Experience working with a USAID funded project is a plus;
• Excellent writing and verbal communication skills in Bahasa Indonesian and English.

Applicants should apply to prioritas-hire@edc.org not later than 30 April 2014.

Materials s/he should include (CV or resume; recruiting contact (email/cell phone number).
Only short-listed candidates will be contacted for an interview. Applicants must clearly list how s/he can be contacted. Three references are required and should be included in the CV.
Education Development Center, Inc. | Learning transforms lives.
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Request for Qualification for Individual Consultant (Four posts)

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Request for Qualification for Individual Consultant


The Republic of Indonesia and the United States of America, acting through the Millennium Challenge Corporation (MCC) entered into a Millennium Challenge Compact on November 19, 2011, providing a grant to advance poverty reduction through economic growth in Indonesia. The Government has established a Trustee Institution, Millennium Challenge Account-Indonesia (MCA-Indonesia), to act as its designee in supervising and managing the implementation of the Compact in Indonesia. MCA-Indonesia has been fully operational since April 2013.
MCA-Indonesia is seeking the following consultants:

1.   Consultant for Audit Committee/Audit Corrective Action          (PC-D-002)

The Consultant will support and assist MCA-Indonesia in managing the Compact operations to ensure that the funds provided by MCC must be performed in accordance with U.S Government  Auditing Standards.

     Submission deadline: May 5, 2014, 10.00 am.

2.   Consultant for Procurement Service Unit (PSU) Advisor / Project Manager (PM-A-029)

The Consultant will assist the Senior Advisor/Project Manager of Procurement Service Units (PSU) to help with the management and implementation of Institutional Strengthening program, a pilot program for the PSUs. The Consultant will also coordinate and oversee the implementation of the institutional establishment activities provided by individual mentors, as well as the organizational development mentoring, and management skills training provided by a consulting firm.
Submission deadline: May 5, 2014, 3:00 pm.

3.   Consultant for Indonesia Language Document Writer/Editor           (PC-A-035)

The Consultant must provide high quality Indonesia language editing and writing of MCA-Indonesia reports and document for ready to publish documents.

Submission deadline: May 5, 2014, 3:00 pm.

4.   Consultant for English Language Document Writer/Editor           (PC-A-034)

The Consultant must provide high quality English editing and writing of MCA-Indonesia reports and document for ready- to publish documents.

Submission deadline: May 5, 2014, 3:00 pm.
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Lowongan Health Promotion Officer and Logistic Officer based di Bima untuk Surfaid International

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SurfAid International adalah sebuah organisasi nirlaba yang bekerja untuk masyarakat yang sehat dan tangguh di daerah terpencilyang terhubung dengan kita melalui surfing.Dengan kantor pusat di Medan, program masyarakat dilaksanakan di Mentawai, Nias, Bima dan Sumba. SurfAid bekerja sama dengan masyarakat dan pemerintah untuk meningkatkan kapasitas masyarakat pada kesiapsiagaan bencana dan kemampuan mereka untuk merespon masalah kesehatan, termasuk air bersih dan sanitasi.
 Saat ini kami sedang mencari 2 anggota tim yang dinamis untuk bergabung dengan kami.
1. HEALTH PROMOTION OFFICER berkantor di Bima, Nusa Tenggara Barat. Posisi ini bertanggung jawab dalam pelaksanaan program Kesehatan Ibu dan Anak (Simbo) di Bima.

Persyaratan minimal:
·         Sarjana Kesehatan Masyarakat, Pengembangan Masyarakat dengan 2 tahun pengalaman kerja yang relevan
·         Kemampuan dalam komunikasi dan fasilitasi yang kuat
·         Peka terhadap kebutuhan dan prioritas masyarakat.
·         Mampu mengendarai sepeda motor.
2.LOGISTICS OFFICER berkantor di Bima, Nusa Tenggara Barat. Posisi ini bertanggung jawab dalam mengkoordinasikan proses pembelian untuk kebutuhan SurfAid.
Persyaratan minimal:
·         Sarjana
·         2 tahun pengalaman kerja yang berhubungan dengan logistik untuk organisasi nirlaba
·         Keahlian  dalam bidang komputer (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, internet)
·         Kemampuan komunikasi yang kuat dan kerja tim
Jika Anda memenuhi kriteria di atas, silahkan kirim surat lamaran ke jobs@surfaidinternational.orgdengan HEALTH PROMOTION OFFICER - BIMA atau LOGISTIC OFFICER - BIMA sebagai subjekemail Anda sebelum 30 April 2014. Kami akan mengirimkan formulir aplikasi dan paketperekrutan JANGAN KIRIMCV / RESUME Anda.
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Field Supervisor – Helen Keller International

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Helen Keller International (HKI) – Indonesia
Field Supervisor

Program: Gizi, Pertanian, Ketahanan Pangan
Bertanggung Jawab kepada: Agricultural dan Animal Husbandry Technical Officer

I.           Deskripsi Program

Sejak 1970-an HKI telah bekerja untuk membangun pendekatan berbasis bukti yang berkelanjutan dalam meningkatkan kesehatan, gizi, rehabilitasi, dan pendidikan di Indonesia. Program HKI di Indonesia melibatkan seluruh tingkatan dalam struktur pemerintahan di bidang kesehatan dan pendidikan mulai dari tingkat nasional hingga pedesaan. HKI menyediakan pelayanan yang terintegrasi dengan sistem pendidikan dan kesehatan yang ada dengan mengembangkan infrastruktur dan sumber daya, mengadakan asesmen kebutuhan, menganalisa karakteristik lokal untuk menginformasikan desain dan implementasi program, pelatihan staf, menyediakan peralatan dan pengobatan dasar, menyediakan pelayanan, memantau kemajuan program dan mengevaluasi dampaknya.

HKI saat ini melaksanakan program kesehatan dan gizi, perawatan mata, rehabilitasi dan pendidikan di 24 negara di dunia. Dengan pengalaman 90 tahun, HKI telah mengembangkan keahlian khusus dalam pelaksanaan intervesi skala besar yang ditargetkan, pengembangan sistem pelayanan pemerintahan dan pemantauan komprehensif hasil program, seperti kebijakan pembangunan, akses pendidikan, status gizi, kesakitan dan kematian.

Saat ini HKI sedang mengimplementasikan program Homestead Food Production (HFP) di Kabupaten Timor Tengah Selatan, Propinsi NTT untuk memberikan keluarga gizi yang yang diperlukan untuk pertumbuhan dan perkembangan yang sehat. Para penerima manfaat dari program ini dilatih untuk dapat memanfaatkan lahan di sekitar rumah mereka agar dapat menanam tanaman yang kaya zat gizi mikro, meningkatkan praktik pemberian makan bayi dan anak dan wanita usia subur, dan beternak ayam. Program ini telah berjalan dimana tanaman kaya zat gizi mikro sudah ditanam, menghasilkan makanan bergizi yang dikonsumsi sehari-hari oleh banyak keluarga yang telah mengalami masalah gizi sejak lama.

II.        Deskripsi Posisi

Bertempat tugas in Soe, Kabupaten Timor Tengah Selatan, Nusa Tenggara Timur, Field Supervisor, akan bertanggung jawab untuk mendukung dan mengawasi ketua kebun contoh dan rumah tangga dampingan proyek Homestead Food Production (HFP). Field Supervisor akan melapor kepada Agriculture dan Animal Husbandry Technical Officer dan berkolaborasi dengan Nutrition Field Educator dan anggota tim HFP lainnya.

III.      Deskripsi Tanggung Jawab

  • Menyediakan asisten teknis terus menerus di lapangan.
·         Terlibat dan membantu untuk menyeleksi dan membentuk kelompok kebun contoh, kebun pekarangan dan ternak unggas.
  • Mengatur berbagai pelatihan/orientasi untuk kelompok kebun contoh dan rumah tangga.
  • Bertanggung jawab untuk distribusi bibit, benih, anakan dan anak ayam untuk rumah tangga dan ketua kebun contoh
  • Mendukung kelompok kebun contoh dan rumah tangga untuk mengadakan ternak unggas skala kecil termasuk kandang ayam, pakan, vaksin dan peralatan lainnya.
·         Rutin tindak lanjut program di lapangan.
·         Mengumpulkan data luaran program/informasi yang berhubungan dan melaporkannya ke supervisor dan HFP Project Coordinator.
  • Mengumpulkan berbagai input dari berbagai sumber dan mendistribusikannya ke lapangan.
  • Menjalin hubungan dengan berbagai institusi di tingkat kecamatan dan desa untuk kesuksesan implementasi program dan pelatihan.
  • Terlibat dan membantu pengembangan jejaring pemasaran untuk surplus produk dari ketua kebun contoh dan rumah tangga.
·         Membantu dalam pelaksanaan penelitian dan survei sebagaimana diperlukan.
  • Memonitor/mengawasi kegiatan-kegiatan ketua kebun contoh dan rumah tangga dan menjalin komunikasi dengan mereka.
  • Menjalin hubungan dekat dengan Agriculture dan Animal Husbandry Technical Officer untuk kelancaran implementasi kegiatan-kegiatan HFP.
  • Terlibat dalam penyusunan rencana kerja mingguan dan bulanan.
  • Mempersiapkan laporan kegiatan bulanan dan menyerahkan ke Agriculture Technical Officer.
  • Membantu Agriculture dan Animal Husbandry Technical Officer dengan tugas-tugas lain sebagaimana diperlukan.
  • Membantu HFP Project Coordinator dengan tugas-tugas lain sebagaimana diperlukan.

IV.      Kualifikasi dan Pengalaman

  • Sarjana dalam bidang pertanian/perternakan atau bidang terkait lainnya dengan pengalaman bekerja di NTT
  • Sekurang-kurangnya 3 tahun pengalaman di proyek pertanian
  • Memiliki kemampuan komunikasi dan interaksi dengan pemerintah, akademisi dan stakeholder lainnya di Indonesia
  • Kemampuan Bahasa Indonesia baik tulisan dan percakapan yang baik
  • Memiliki interpersonal yang kuat dalam berhadapan dengan pihak-pihak eksternal dan juga dengan rekan kerja

Silahkan email surat lamaran dan CV ke: esulistyani@hki.org
Ref.:HKI Field Supervisor” Tenggat Waktu Lamaran: 25 April2014.

HKI Indonesia
Jl. Bougenvile No. 64
Soe, NTT
Phone/Fax: 0388 21293

Hanya kandidat yang memenuhi kriteria yang akan diwawancarai
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Expression Of Interest : Research of Water Resources and Environmental Conservation for The Management Watershed

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One person in three in the world lives in poverty. Oxfam is determined to change that world by mobilising the power of people against poverty.
Around the globe, Oxfam works to find practical, innovative ways for people to lift themselves out of poverty and thrive. We save lives & help rebuild livelihoods when crisis strikes. And we campaign so that the voices of the poor influence the local and global decisions that affect them.
In all we do, Oxfam works with partner organisations and alongside vulnerable women and men to end the injustice that cause poverty
Currently, Oxfam is implementing a watershed management  project for disaster risk reduction perspective called "Laying the foundation toughness in watershed management in Sumbawa". This project aims to strengthen the capacity of communities, local governments, private sector and universities to be more prepared to face flood threat to watershed area in Sumbawa.
In order to minimize damage to the watershed in a wider scale, it takes a management model that refers to the rule: "a watershed, a plan, and an integrated management system". A management model that emphasizes the preservation of the environment and the ecosystem, for example, do not use or divert their use of land that serves as a water catchment area. That's why this project was initiated, in order to produce a watershed governance roadmap that contains the actions of the parties to optimize the performance of watershed with the perspective of disaster risk reduction. To achieve these objectives it requires a great depth study in order to obtain concrete data on the state of the watershed, making it easier for all parties to conduct utilization management and watershed perspective of disaster risk reduction. 

The purpose of this study is to generate data and information about condition of the watershed and give recommendations in the form of an integrated watershed management plan follow-up work.
  1. Existence of accurate data for the watershed (DAS).
  2. Existence of the document review and analysis of the existing conditions in the watershed (aspects of disaster, forestry, water resources, environment and agriculture).
  3. Existence of recommendations on strategies and utilization of integrated watershed management
Scope of Works
  1. Event location
Research and analyze this watershed will be conducted for the region through which the watershed Moyo in Sumbawa.

  1. Scope of Study
Scope of this study is to analyze the watershed in a critical condition to be integrated model of management, conduct a review of watershed management policies and develop a framework or the formulation of policy models. The scope of this study covers several aspects, including: (1) Aspects of the policy, program, structure and watershed management infrastructure, (2) Aspects Environmental and carrying capacity, (3) Aspect Utilization of good for economic activity, consumption, industry, and others who have its existing and potential, and (4) Aspects of disaster, livelihoods and livelihood.

  1. Methodology
The study was conducted through surveys and participatory approach to disaster risk reduction perspective to the collection, processing and analysis of primary and secondary data, review of literature in universities, research institutions, non- governmental agencies, BP - DAS, the River Basin Agency Nusa Tenggara 1, and the unit local government employment (on education) are related, to get references and data. In this study, the data and information sourced data and primary and secondary studies based on the resources of each region traversed by the respectivewatersheds.
  1. Reporting
The report should include assessment and contains as below:
1)  Titles Page
2) Abbreviations or Acronyms
3) Summary (Max 3 Pages). Summary shall contain (1) provide a brief explanation of the analytical framework    (2) briefly describe the methodology (3) a summary of findings (4) recommendation
4)  Contents
5)  Preliminary
6)  Methodology
7)  Framework analysis
8)    Quantitative Analysis
9)    The results of studies and findings
10)   Recommendations
Provide a summary of recommendations based on the findings of surveys and studies that aim to develop watershed management models and strategies for disaster risk reduction perspective. Recommendations may be some parts that relate to ( a) Watershed Management , ( b ) Follow-up Work Plan , and should indicate clearly to whom recommendations are intended.

11)   Appendix
Provide attachments as research data, primary and secondary data, questionnaires, photos, and more are included in the study.

To carry out this activities / Oxfam will be selected the best agent based on the following criteria:
1.    Consultant (either in the form of team, individual, or institution) who has the educational background and experience in the field of research, hydrology, environmental conservation, or other relevant field.
2.    Experienced in the research for the watershed, water resource, and a minimum of 5 years of environmental conservation.
3.    Having adequate knowledge about watershed management perspective of disaster risk reduction.
4.    Having an understanding and knowledge of the concept of community-based disaster risk reduction.
5.    Having the ability to communicate and interpersonal skills.
6.    Report of this research both of in Indonesian and English.

Please send your Expression of Interest with detail of budget, and CVs, to: makassar@oxfam.org.uk, with title in the subject line  “DAS SECURE” and closing date April 22, 2014.
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Admin and Finance Assistant position – Islamic Relief Indonesia for NTB Project

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Islamic Relief Indonesia seeks a self-motivated, serious and career oriented professional who is eager to grow with the organization and sensitive to the humanitarian cause and core values of Islamic Relief.

To promote sustainable economic and social development through development programmes, helping the needy regardless of race, religion or gender. 

Brief Overview of our Programme in Indonesia
The IR programme in Indonesia was first established in 2003 with a focus on integrated development in Banten Province. 
In the aftermath of the devastating Tsunami, IR initiated a large-scale humanitarian relief and recovery programme which continues to remain in operation albeit now with a growing focus on sustainable development. It was about the same time that IR also extended its developmental activities to other parts of the greater Java island including Sukabumi in West Java and East and West Lombok in NTB Province. Later in October 2009, IR expanded its geographic coverage to provide emergency relief, livelihoods recovery and DRR related support to earthquake victims in West Sumatra. The agency is presently implementing multi-sectoral emergency relief, recovery and development interventions in Aceh Darussalam and West Sumatra with the intention to re-establish programme activities in NTB (Lombok) and West Java.

The main sectors of interventions in Indonesia are health, disaster preparedness, education, shelter, livelihoods and orphans’ support. The geographical areas of operation are Aceh, West Sumatera, and West NusaTenggara provinces.

Islamic Relief are looking for a position as mentioned below:


Post holder reports to : AREA COORDINATOR / HEAD OF OFFICE


General :
1.       Provide and ensuring office supplies
2.       Ensuring IRI asset and equipment’s are in good conditions and well maintained.
3.       Ensuring report and record of asset and equipment are well maintained. This shall include new assets or equipment purchased asset movement to or from other office also broken or disposable asset.
4.       Provide regular assets and equipment report.
5.       Submit Medical Claims to Senior HR and Admin Officer to be processed by the Insurance Provider.
6.       Monthly Compilation and Reporting staff’s Annual Leave Balance to Senior HR and Admin Officer. 
7.       Managing office contract, Maintaining IRI office for good working environment.
8.       In addition to general administration responsibilities, may also supervise directly or indirectly, activities concerned with office and ground maintenance, security, transport and similar services.
9.       To look after the cash and bank payments of all staff of the organization and other fund transferring to outside parties. Reporting of financial record of organization
10.     Managing Bill receipt and Cash Payments
11.     Implements payment to employees and outside parties
12.    Fund transferring and tax deductions
13.    Any other tasks will be given by the line manager
14.    Fulfill other task base on assign

Bank Payments

  • Check that all relevant columns and cells of payment requisitions Form had been filled properly.
  • Checking the Invoices raised by suppliers and vendors.
  • To check that approval of competent Authority has been taken to make the payment.
  • Preparation of checks and ensure signatures thereon.
  • To deduct applicable tax from each and every payment.
  • Deposit of Tax in the Government Treasury, and submission of tax challenge to eligible
  • To ensure delivery of checks to the suppliers.

Maintain financial record

  • Keep up date all financial record (soft and hard copy)
  • To operate specified financial modules/ ledgers as directed by the Finance Manager
  • Keep up date budget balance of the project 

Financial Reporting

  • Support office in charge in the preparation of Monthly/Quarterly/Yearly Reports for Management
  • Support finance Dept in preparation of Financial Reports (i.e submit weekly bank and petty cash report)

Receipt of Funds

  • Preparation of receipts for Donors, staff & or Beneficiaries on behalf of IR
  • Keep update record of receipts & ensure to deposit these amounts in IR’s official account
  • Support finance Dept in maintenance of record of funds movement, ensuring availability of funds at all times and issuance of alert in so much advance that request may be moved to HQ and funds are received in the banks before its actual finishing

Bank Liaison

  • Liaison with banks to keep latest development in banking laws and regulations
  • Collect bank statement in the end of each month and submit to Finance Manager for bank reconciliation purpose


§  Local Hired (from NTB) who familiar with IRI Project Area (Sekaroh – Lombok Timur)
§  University degree of accounting background or related field / At least Diploma/Bachelor's degree in the relevant studies
§  Proven years of finance related experience in an NGO or a commercial environment
§  Proven experience of analyzing, internal control, effective coordination in financial scope, work experience in multi cultural environments;
§  Good facilitation skills
§  Good leadership, supervisory & management skill
§  Good writing and communication skill
§  Excellent knowledge of computer operation (Windows, Excel, Power Point)
§  At least one year experience in the administration and Finance
§  At least one year experience in the community approach
§  Experience of writing reports
§  Willing to undergo develop own capacity
§  Strong interest in development work with respect for confidentiality and commitment to Islamic Relief overall aims and objectives, including gender, equality and equal opportunities in all aspects of Islamic Relief’s work.
Be flexible in work directives from managers

All Islamic Relief team members are expected to support all efforts towards accountability, specifically to our beneficiaries and to international standards guiding international relief and development work while actively engaging beneficiary communities as equal partners in the design, monitoring and evaluation of our field project
If you meet the above requirements kindly send ONLY your Application letter and detailed CV including recommendations from 3 referees (one of them your immediate former employer) to: hrislamic@islamic-relief.or.id. Please put the job title and your name in subject of your email.

Only short listed candidates will be contacted.

Closing date:  22 April 2014
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Vacancy with RTI International-SUM 2 Project: Accountant (Surabaya, East Java-based)

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Program Background

SCALING UP FOR MOST-AT-RISK POPULATION II (SUM II) is a USAID- funded program, which t will provide technical  assistance in organizational performance required to scale-up effective, integrated HIV interventions that lead to substantial and measurable behavior change among Most-at Risk Populations (MARPs) in targeted locations in Indonesia.  The project is managed by Training Resources Group, Inc in partnership with RTI International.  The organizational performance topics include accountability, administration, advocacy, finance, governance, knowledge management, leadership, management, monitoring and evaluation, networking, partnership, policy development, resource mobilization, strategic planning and transparency.  SUM II will provide and monitor small grants to qualified civil society organizations to support the scale-up of integrated interventions in “hotspots” where there is a high concentration of one or more MARP and high-risk behavior is prevalent.  Note: this position will be an RTI International employee.

RTI International is seeking for highly qualified candidates to fill in the SUM 2 Project Accountant position to be based in Surabaya, East Java, Indonesia.

Position Summary:

Under the direction of RTI-SUM 2 Finance and Grants Manager and East Java Regional Coordinator, the Accountant is responsible for managing financial transactions by the SUM 2 project for East Java Regional office, and to report on a monthly or regular basis to RTI-SUM 2 East Java Regional Coordinator.  The Accountant is responsible for the accuracy of these transactions so as to ensure USAID compliance. The Accountant is to regularly assist the RTI-SUM 2 East Java Regional Coordinator to review the financial system to identify aspects that can be improved.  Under this contract, the Accountant will be an employee of RTI International under the SUM 2 project.

Essential Job Functions: Duties and Responsibilities
Under the supervision of the RTI-SUM 2 Finance and Grants Manager and East Java Regional Coordinator, the specific duties and activities of this job are as follows:
1.       Compile and analyze grantees financial information to prepare financial statements including monthly and annual accounts including:
·         Bank/account reconciliation
·         Journal entries and general ledger operations
·         Monthly financial reports
·         Accurate and timely financial reports
·         Financial data bases
·         Scanning of all financial documents and maintenance of quality for reporting purposes
2.       Ensure financial records are maintained in compliance with USAID policies and procedures
3.       Ensure all financial reporting deadlines are met
4.       Establish and monitor the implementation and maintenance of accounting control procedures
5.       Continuous management and support of budget and forecast activities
6.       Execute petty cash and transactions and ensure its accuracy for reporting purposes
7.       On regular basis, under direction of the RTI-SUM 2 Finance and Grants Manager and East Java Regional Coordinator, review all incoming invoices, CSO financial reports, the supporting documents, inventories, assets and equipments.
8.       Assist the RTI-SUM 2 Finance and Grants Manager and East Java Regional Coordinator with preparation and coordination of the audit process
9.       Manage filing of financial and accounting records
10.   Manage and calculate for the support staff (drivers, assistant overtime, etc)
11.   Manage aging schedule of outstanding advances
12.   Maintain relationship and correspondences with travel agents, hotels and SUM 2 partners.
13.   Perform other related finance and administrative tasks as required
Minimum Required Qualifications:

 S-1 degree in Accounting with minimum two years or Diploma in accounting with minimum 5 years of experience performing similar duties as an  Accountant.

1.       Have knowledge in accounting, finance, and administration.  Experience in auditing will be preferable.
2.       Good command of written and spoken Indonesian and English.
3.       Able to work under pressure and tight deadlines.
4.       High degree of adaptability to varied working environments and good interpersonal and teamwork skills.
5.       Experience in managing project/accounting/financial management. Experience in project financed by USAID is an advantage.
6.       Deep knowledge in excel application, internet and email. Experience work with accounting software will be an advantage.
Interested candidates should send the following documentations: Application letter and CV with 3 referees. Please indicate the position you are applying for in the email subject, and submit the application by 27 April 2014 to hr@rti-indomd.rti.org
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Vacancy – USAID ASEAN-U.S. PROGRESS Project – Acitivities Coordinator Position ( DAI – Development Alternatives Inc )

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(Human Development and Social-Cultural Cooperation,
Good Governance, political security)

The USAID ASEAN-U.S. Partnership for Good Governance, Equitable and
Sustainable Development and Security (PROGRESS) project will support ASEAN
in its efforts to promote regional integration in the areas of good
governance, security, and human development.

The Activities Coordinator will work closely with the Component Two Lead
to increase ASEAN’s capacity to promote cooperation (particularly in the
areas of human rights, rights of women and children, migrant labor,
disaster management/response, human capital development, and
evidence-based policy making), and other areas, as needed. S/He will
provide logistical and administrative support in the coordination of
activities that relate to PROGRESS program activities.

Objectives and Duties:
· Assist with the logistics and management of activities, events,
trainings, workshops, etc.
· Support at a minimum the Human Development and Social-Cultural
component, including but not limited to support of strategic activities,
activity design, implementation, and close-out.
· Support documentation, filing, and administrative tasks related to
program implementation.
· Contribute and assist with the management of grants Arrange,
schedule meetings and appointments, and possibly attend meetings with the
ASEAN Secretariat.
· Manage training (large and small) and coordinate any necessary
· Carry out other duties that are consistent with overall focus of
the assignment as assigned by the supervisor.
· Contribute to contract deliverables .
· Provide logistical support for project’s program activities
The Component Two Activities Coordinator will be based in Jakarta,
Indonesia. He/She will report to the Component Two Lead.

Education & Qualifications:
· Four year university degree required.
· Experience working with issues of disaster management/response
· Experience working on issues of human rights, rights of women and
children, migrant labor desirable.
· Experience working on issues of evidence-based policy making
· Regional experience required.
· At least three years of providing administrative and management
support preferably on USAID-funded projects.
· Demonstrated local knowledge of ASEAN is desirable.
· Previous experience working with a regional program is desirable.
· Excellent interpersonal skills and an ability to manage a diverse
range of professional relationships essential.

· Strong written and spoken English required.

Interested applicants are invited to send a CV, three references, and
salary history for the last three years to progressrecruitment@dai.com by
April 23, 2014 at 05:00 PM Jakarta Local Time. Applicants must indicate
the position for which they are applying in the subject line. Only
shortlisted candidates will be notified.
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Research Supervisor

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Endline Survey of Business Impact
on Mobile Value Added Service (MVAS) Women Entreprenuers in 4 locations
April 2014
Lingkup Kerja Research Supervisor
Latar Belakang
Di Indonesia, terdapat 3 tantangan yang dihadapi oleh khususnya wanita pengusaha namun tantangan tersebut juga berdampak luas terhadap para wanita pada umumnya. Pertama, budaya – menjadikan suatu karakter penting terhadap keberlangsungan hidup sehari-hari, banyak terdapat stigma negative yang diberikan kepada wanita terutama terkait masalah teknologi. Kedua, kurangnya pendidikan dan keterampilan dan ketiga, keterbatasan akses terhadap keuangan dan jaringan informasi.
The Cherie Blair Foundation for Women (CBFW) bekerja dengan wanita pengusaha untuk memperkuat kemampuan keuangan dan membantu meningkatkan taraf ekonomi mereka. Hal ini dilakukan dengan memberikan wanita pengusaha sebuah dukungan pengembangan bisnis yang terintergrasi, pilar utamanya adalah dengan menggunakan teknologi handphone untuk memulai dan mengembangkan bisnis mereka dibawah program Mobile Value Added Service (MVAS) for Women Entrepreneur.
Melalui program Mobile Value Added Services (MVAS) for Women Entrepreneurs, Mercy Corps sebagai mitra lokal dari Cherie Blair Foundation for Women (CBFW) mengembangkan 2 bentuk pelatihan yang berhubungan dengan kapasitas berbisnis yaitu Pengelolaan Keuangan untuk Usaha Mikro (diberikan pada bulan September 2013) dan Promosi untuk Usaha Mikro (diberikan pada bulan Maret 2014).
Target program ini adalah 2,000 wanita pengusaha yang menerima kedua pelatihan diatas di 4 lokasi. Lokasi tersebut berada di Bojonegoro (Jawa Timur), Yogyakarta (Jawa Tengah), Bandung (Jawa Barat) and Lombok (NTB).
Tujuan Survei
Survei ini bertujuan untuk:
Ø      memonitoring dampak kedua pelatihan program terhadap wanita pengusaha di ke-empat lokasi diatas.
Ø      melakukan analisa atas kebutuhan mendasar lainnya dari wanita pengusaha tersebut yang dapat diberikan sebagai rekomendasi lanjutan.
Lokasi Survei
Survei akan dilakukan di 4 wilayah program yaitu:
1.     Bojonegoro
2.     Yogyakarta
3.     Lombok
4.     Bandung
Metodologi yang dilakukan dalam proses endline survey akan meliputi:
Ø      Survey: Kegiatan survey meliputi proses pengumpulan data, olah data dan analisa data. Pengumpulan data akan menggunakan tenaga enumerator yang akan mewawancarai responden survey (wanita pengusaha) dengan menggunakan kuesioner. Pengumpulan data para enumerator akan disupervisi oleh Research Supervisor.
Ø      Focus Group Discussion: Kegiatan in depth interview terhadap beberapa kelompok wanita pengusaha dan partner/mitra program
Untuk melakukan kegiatan survey ini Program MVAS for Women Entrepreneur memerlukan tenaga Research Supervisor sebanyak 4 orang sebagai team leader di masing-masing wilayah survey sebagai berikut:
Team A : Bojonegoro
Team B : Yogyakarta
Team C : Bandung
Team D : Mataram
Research Supervisor
Research Supervisor bertugas melakukan supervisi dan monitoring terhadap enumerator dalam kegiatan wawancara dengan responden terpilih dalam survey ini dan bertanggungjawab langsung atas data collection serta validasi data yang diperoleh dari hasil wawancara tersebut.
Supervisor: Program Manager – MVAS for Women Entrepreneur
Tugas Research Supervisor
1.      Ikut berpartisipasi dalam perekrutan enumerator didalam wilayah survey yang sudah ditentukan;
2.      Memberikan pelatihan kepada para enumerator terhadap kuesioner yang akan ditanyakan;
3.      Ikut berpartisipasi untuk pilot test dan memberikan feed-back dalam diskusi hasil uji coba wawancara dan penggunaan kuesioner;
4.      Me-review hasil pelatihan terhadap kinerja masing-masing enumerator;
5.      Berkoordinasi langsung dengan Program Manager dalam melakukan tugas wawancara dalam survey ini;
6.      Melakukan pemilihan responden untuk diwawancarai sesuai dengan metode dan tehnik pemilihan sampel yang ditetapkan;
7.      Menentukan jadwal dan lokasi survey;
8.      Memantau dan meninjau langsung wawancara survey yang dilakukan;
9.      Bertanggungjawab atas jumlah hasil kuesioner yang diserahkan oleh enumerator dan melakukan validasi atas hasil kerja mereka;
10.  Memfasilitasi Studi Kualitatif (Focus Group Discussion) terhadap wanita pengusaha dan mitra pelatihan;
11.  Bertanggungjawab atas perbaikan-perbaikan yang harus dilakukan untuk hasil wawancara yang tidak maksimal atau sesuai SOP;
12.  Menyerahkan hasil FGD kepada Project Officer/Program Manager
Kualifikasi Enumerator
1.      Lulusan S-1 dari Fakultas Ekonomi atau yang relevan;
2.      Menguasai Bahasa Inggris (proficient) / preferrable
3.      Menguasai prinsip-prinsip penelitian kuantitatif;
4.      Berpengalaman mengumpulkan data di lapangan sebagai enumerator dalam survey;
5.      Berpengalaman sebagai Supervisor lapangan dalam sebuah survey;
6.      Memiliki smartphone, bisa mengendarai kendaraan mobil/motor;
Hasil akhir kerja Research Supervisor adalah hasil wawancara yang sudah divalidasi (akurat dan benar) sesuai jumlah responden yang ditentukan.
Waktu Kerja
Waktu kerja Research Supervisor dimulai sejak tanggal 21 April – 30 April 2014, atau lebih cepat dari waktu tersebut sesuai target jumlah responden yang menjadi tanggung jawabnya.
Aplikasi dan CV dapat dikirimkan ke procurement@id.mercycorps.org paling lambat 17 April 2014.
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Job Vacancy at PRSF

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An Australian Government initiative, the Poverty Reduction Support Facility (PRSF), is seeking highly qualified candidates to fill in the following positions:
  • Principal Investigator for Qualitative Survey – KIAT GURU
  • Administration Assistant – District – KIAT GURU
  • District Coordinator – KIAT GURU
  • Sub-district Facilitator – KIAT GURU
  • Research Assistant
  • Data Analyst
Full TOR for the positions is available at www.grminternational.com under “JOB OPPORTUNITIES” while detailed information about our project is available at www.tnp2k.go.id. Please Submit CV and GRM Job Application form torecruitment@prsf.or.id no later than 25 April 2014. E-mail size must not be more than 250kb. (Please indicate in the email subject: “…(name of position)…. - …(your name)…”)
Female candidates are encouraged to apply
Only qualified candidates will be shortlisted
 PRSF is managed by GRM International on behalf of The Australian Government

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